The Five and the Prophecy of Prana

Création 2013 

Conception Kenrick Sandy
Michael Asante
Chorégraphie Kenrick Sandy
Interprétation Kurtis Agyekum
Michael Asante
Amy Butterworth
Genesco Dela Cruz
Russell Evans
Brendon Isaac
Theo Oloyade
Kenrick Sandy
Andrea Sasu
Stefan Sinclair
Danse Duwane Taylor
Tommy Franzen
Frank Wilson
Michèle Rhymer
Jumar Aben
Kayla Lomas- Kirton
Bradley Charles
Theo Oloyade
Kofi Mingo
Xena Gusthart
Vicky Mantey
Hakim Saber
Lindon Barr
Scénographie Sander Loonen
Costumes Jane Dickerson
Lumières Michael Gunning
Son Colin Pink
Vidéo Yeast Culture video design, set and animation
Nick Hillel
Musique originale Michael Asante
Collaboration artistique Paulette Randall
Akio Tanaka (manga collaborator)
Construction Firma Smits
Fournisseur cloths and gauzes by ShowTex
orbs designed and made by Russell Beck Studio
additional costumes provided by Mark Fast
dance floor by Harlequin
catalyst and projection equipment supplied by XL Video
Production Boy Blue Entertainment (Londres)