Comédie dramatique en 4 actes

d'après Jean Anouilh
Adaptation Lucienne Hill

Création le  : St. James Theatre (New York)

Mise en scène Peter Glenville
Interprétation Laurence Olivier (Thomas Becket)
Anthony Quinn (Henry II, Duke of Normandy and King of England)
Marie Powers (The Queen Mother)
Edward Atienza (The Pope)
Hilary Beckett (His Daughter)
Mel Berger (Third English Baron, First Monk from Hastings)
Brian Crowe (A Young Monk)
Kit Culkin (Henry's Younger Son)
Peter de Firis (A Servant)
Robert Duke (Henry's Page)
Robert Eckles (Louis, King of France)
Margaret Hall (The Queen, Wife to Henry)
Ferdi Hoffman (Fourth English Baron)
Will Hussung (The Bishop of Oxford, William of Corbeil, First French Baron)
Tom Leith (His Son , A Monk, Secretary to Becket)
Julian Miller (Second Servant, A Young Footsoldier)
Earl Montgomery (Gilbert Folliot, Bishop of London)
Madeline Morgan (A French Girl)
Dennis Rosa (Henry's Elder Son)
Dran Seitz (Gwendolen)
Dino Terranova (A French Priest , Cardinal Zambelli)
Victor Thorley (The Bishop of York , The Provost Marshall)
Sydney Walker (The Archbishop of Canterbury, Second French Baron, A Priest)
Robert Weil (A Saxon Peasant)
Ronald Weyand (Second English Baron, Second Monk from Hastings)
Claude Woolman (A Soldier, The Duke of Arundel)
Louis Zorich (First English Baron, An Old Footsoldier)
Scénographie Oliver Smith
Costumes Motley
Lumières Jean Rosenthal
Musique Laurence Rosenthal


1960-1961 St. James Theatre (New York) → 
1960-1961 Royale Theatre (New York) →